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Efficient management of redundant backup drives
For local and off-site backup drive storage locations


nokuBT Backup Tools is a management oversight program that helps users monitor their computer backup system, backup software and the transfer of redundant backup files across chained backup drives.

Centralized tools assist with the discovery of failed backups or compromised backup files before disaster strikes, and speed up problem identification, troubleshooting and issue resolution.

nokuBT Backup Tools is FREE software licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3, as published by the Free Software Foundation. Extensions are available to subscribers at the nokuBT Backup Tools Forum.

nokuBT Backup Tools is a Windows application that works with the Windows backup software and disk synchronization programs you prefer while adding features that simplify the transfer of backup files across chained redundant backup drives. The objective of nokuBT Backup Tools is to streamline the transfer of backup files from the work or home site to secure off-site locations. When backup procedures are streamlined and more convenient, the quality and simplified persistence of a backup routine will ensure successful restore operations in the future.

nokuBT procedures enable the development of an efficent backup system that provides notifications when diminished drive available space requires attention, before a crisis arrives. It consolidates tools in one location for routine maintenance and, when needed, for troubleshooting.

nokuBT is designed to manage the orderly transfer of backup files across a series of chained redundant backup drives - the fastest, safest, most reliable and most secure storage method available. When depending on local physical hard drives for backup storage, you are using a system where you proudly own, possess and secure your own backups, without intermediaries, and in a manner fully independent of the internet if you so choose.

As part of the nokuBT synchronization process, previously-existing backup files on the target drive are validated against the original source files on the source drive to determine if they have been inadvertently or maliciously altered, potentially blocking the migration of compromised files. nokuBT sits between the users' Drive Synchronization Application and their backup drives until nokuBT algorithms, and the user, are satisfied that files have not been modified and adequate disk space is available on the target drive for the file transfers.

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Customization options allow the user to accomodate complex backup systems. By mapping local or remote networked storage locations to a drive letter, nokuBT and your existing backup and drive synchronization programs can effectively integrate networked backups into any point along the backup drive chain. Use nokuBT to help manage Linux backup disk space, or manage Windows backup disk space, by specifying notification and warning thresholds that fit your needs for each drive along your backup drive chain.

In every-day use, one keystroke in nokuBT is all that is necessary to ensure your precious backup files will be transferred safely across backup drives.

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nokuBT code is written to use the Windows command shell and Windows operating system commands, making it fast, efficient and stable. The text-based menus and output screens are designed to be intuitive and logically presented. nokuBT is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. It is released under GNU General Public License v. 3. By downloading nokuBT, you are receiving the source code. Anyone may inspect or revise the code.

Two separate nokuBT variants are included in nokuBT Backup Tools for installation at the Work Site, and on an Off-Site computer. At the Work Site, home or home office, nokuBT WS is installed on the backups computer that receives backup files from one or more computers. Typically, nokuBT WS will manage the Work Site backup drive and the Transport Drive that is used to move backup files to the Off-Site location. At the Off-Site location, nokuBT OS is installed on the Off-Site computer to assist with the transfer of files from the Transport Drive to the Off-Site backup drive, and from the Off-Site backup drive to a Safe-Site backup drive.

Why Use nokuBT Backup Tools?

Once installed and configured, nokuBT Backup Tools simplifies the process of writing copies of backup files to Off-Site and Safe-Site backup drives. At the same time, nokuBT Backup Tools offers convenient time-saving options and utilities that ease and strengthen the backups administration process. In fact, the process becomes so streamlined that formerly boring procedures that many computer users avoid become FAST, FUN and even ENJOYABLE!

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