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Backup System Examples

nokuBT Backup Tools may be used for complex business backup systems, or relatively simple personal computer backup configurations.

General Concepts

Example backup files path across chained backup drives

When disaster or other data compromises and losses occur, multiple, physically separated and detached backups are critical for ensuring your files and data can be recovered quickly and reliably. nokuBT Backup Tools works with the backup and disk synchronization programs you prefer while adding features that simplify the transfer of backup files across chained redundant backup drives. Streamline the transfer of backup files from the work or home site to secure Off-Site and Safe-Site locations, at steps 1, 2 and 3 as shown in the diagram above. When backup procedures are formalized, streamlined and more convenient, the quality and simplified persistence of a backup routine will ensure successful restore operations in the future.

Simple nokuBT Installation and Use Example

At a single physical location (a Work Site), several networked computers are backed up daily, via preferred backup software, to a backup drive attached to a single computer. nokuBT WS, the Work Site variant of nokuBT, is installed on this computer. Each day, with just a few keystrokes, nokuBT WS is used to manage the transfer of backup files to the Transport Backup Drive. At night, on an Off-Site computer where nokuBT OS is installed, nokuBT OS is used to manage the transfer of those new backup files from the Transport Drive to the Off-Site Backup Drive attached to the Off-Site Computer. On occassion, abiding by the preferred schedule, a Safe-Site Backup Drive is retrieved by the user, attached to the Off-Site computer, and nokuBT OS is used to manage the transfer of new backup files from the Off-Site Backup Drive to the Safe-Site Backup Drive. The user returns the Safe-Site Backup Drive to the secure Safe-Site location.

For this example, the user will install nokuBT WS to the Work Site computer that collects the backup files, and install nokuBT OS on the Off-Site computer. nokuBT WS and nokuBT OS settings must be configured on each respective host computer.

Collectively, this system is a unique backup project. The installation and configuration of nokuBT WS and nokuBT OS is unique to this backup project.

Prerequisites for nokuBT installation and function

  • Setup and configuration of the Work Site, Transport, Off-Site and Safe-Site backup drives.

  • Setup and configuration of Disk Image and/or File Backup applications on the Work Site backups computer and client computers.

  • Setup and configuration of the Disk Synchronization Application on the Work Site and Off-Site computers.

  • For nokuBT backup file validation to function, at least two backup files must have accrued on each of the backup drives.

Advanced Installations

Multiple independent Backup Projects consolidated to a single Off-Site computer

Multiple installations of nokuBT WS may be installed across multiple Work Site locations, and the companion nokuBT OS installations may co-exist on a single Off-Site computer. Synchronization to Transport Drives physically occur at each respective Work Site location, and the Transport Drives are then synchronized with Off-Site and Safe-Site Backup Drives at the Off-Site computer. A primary advantage to this backup system configuration is that backups are immediately available, physically and when needed, at each Work Site. Management and synchronization of chained backup drives occurs with no internet dependencies. Post-disaster recovery also benefits from zero internet dependencies. Backup drives are fully owned and possessed by the owner, with no intermediaries.

Multiple independent Backup Projects consolidated to single Work Site and Off-Site computers

Multiple installations of nokuBT WS, each corresponding to a unique backup project, may co-exist on a single Work Site computer. This configuration would allow a single computer to receive backup files from multiple physical locations (multiple Work Sites, multiple backup projects) via a VPN. Synchronization to one or more Transport Drives would physically occur at a single Work Site location. Such a system will offer benefits, such as consolidated backup drive synchronization points, and disadvantages, such as dependencies on WAN reliability, longer backup times, increased bandwidth costs and security issues of greater complexity. Effectively, this configuration allows for creation of remote or "cloud" backups under your full ownership and control, and the elimination of third-party storage costs, security concerns and reliability implications. The availability of physical chained backup drives ensures rapid disaster recovery with no dependencies on internet connections and third-party storage vendors.

Special-purpose Backup Projects

nokuBT is compatible with a mixed backup system, a combination of the two configurations described above. For example, nokuBT WS installations at one or more Work Site locations may be managing full local backups at the start of the redundant backups chain. Mission-critical files, such as database files, could be additionally backed up via a VPN to a centralized Work Site collection point where a nokuBT WS installation manages the source end of a dedicated redundant backups chain. Companion noku OS installations on the Off-Site computer would then manage the Off-Site and Safe-Site backup drives with contributions from Transport Drives.

Remote mapped backup drives

In nokuBT, any single backup drive, be it Work Site, Transport, Safe-Site or Off-Site, may be a mapped network drive rather than a local physical drive. Similarly, any mapped network drive can point to a subdirectory rather than the root of a drive.

Mapped Network Drives and Advanced Installations

nokuBT is compatible with mapped network drives, local and remote, including NAS and third-party remote storage. If your Drive Synchronization, Disk Image and File Backup Applications are compatible with mapped network drives, as most are, and your source and target backup files can be mapped to a drive letter, nokuBT will accommodate centralized management of your chained backup drives.

nokuBT cannot be configured using network paths. The use of physical or mapped drive letters for target and source drives is mandatory.

Users are encouraged to plan ahead in choosing how nokuBT best fits with an existing or planned backup system. With a well-contemplated plan in hand, building and configuring nokuBT becomes a simple step in the process of installing and implementing a reliable, redundant and secure backup system. Companies and organizations that do not implement backup systems that adhere to the general concepts described above often find themselves in the news following a successful ransomware attack.

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