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Efficient management of redundant backup drives
For local and off-site backup drive storage locations

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  • For Windows 7 through 10.
  • Uses Windows commands and executes in a Windows command (batch) environment.
  • Program download is both executable and source code. No compiling involved.
  • nokuBT Backup Tools is FREE to download, install, run, view, inspect, edit and customize.
  • nokuBT Backup Tools Extensions may be downloaded by subscribers to the nokuBT Forum.
  • Licensed under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Official free downloads of nokuBT Backup Tools are available ONLY at the nokuBT Forum.

The downloaded zip installation file includes basic installation, configuration and use information.

Extensive help, including access to the full nokuBT Backup Tools Manual, detailed configuration suggestions and recommendations, Extensions and other nokuBT discussion is available to subscribing members at the nokuBT Forum.

nokuBT Forum membership is the only source of revenue supporting the development, distribution and maintenance of nokuBT Backup Tools. If you find nokuBT Backup Tools to be useful, please support us by joining the nokuBT Forum.

More information is available for Forum Guests and Subscribers on the Downloads Board:

  • Basic configuration and use
  • nokuBT Release Notes
  • How to update nokuBT


A flash drive (thumb drive) should be used to test and explore Portable nokuBT. Use Portable nokuBT on the flash drive to install Desktop nokuBT to the system drive of your Windows computer.

Quick Installation Directions

Unpack the contents of the nokuBT zip installation file to a flash drive.

Insert the flash drive into the Work Site computer, and run Portable nokuBT WS from the flash drive to install Desktop nokuBT WS.

Insert the flash drive into the Off-Site computer, and run Portable nokuBT OS from the flash drive to install Desktop nokuBT OS.

Installation of Portable nokuBT to a flash drive from a downloaded nokuBT zip installation file

Windows 7, 8 and 10

1. Open the nokuBT zip installation file

2. Extract the directory named "nokuBT", and all of its files and subdirectories, to the root of a flash drive.

3. Portable nokuBT may be run from the flash drive.

    (a) Run Portable nokuBT WS (Work Site) by executing

         [flash drive letter]:\nokuBT\PIXSELsf1WS\start_nokuWS.bat

    (b) Run Portable nokuBT OS (Off-Site) by executing

         [flash drive letter]:\nokuBT\PIXSELsf1OS\start_nokuOS.bat

Installation of Desktop nokuBT from Portable nokuBT on a flash drive

4. If this will be an installation for managing a live backup system, ensure you are logged in to the backups administrator account.

5. At the Work Site and in the Portable nokuBT WS Main Menu, run "Install" to install Desktop nokuBT WS to the system drive.

6. At the Off-Site computer and in the nokuBT OS Main Menu, run "Install" to install Desktop nokuBT OS to the system drive.

7a. For testing and exploration, choose "clone" to duplicate the installation and settings from Portable nokuBT to Desktop nokuBT.

7b. Choose "new install" to configure and customize your Desktop nokuBT installation for live use with your backup system (recommended).

8. Configure and customize nokuBT WS and nokuBT OS.

NOTE: it will be most efficient to first implement a "new install" of Desktop nokuBT WS, configure nokuBT settings, and then copy the noku_config.bat file to nokuBT OS on the Off-Site computer prior to customizing nokuBT OS.

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