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Efficient management of redundant backup drives
For local and off-site backup drive storage locations

Help and Forum

Help with backups at the nokuBT Backup Tools Forum, including reference materials, relevant discussion, Extensions and the nokuBT Backup Tools Manual, are available to subscribing Forum members.

nokuBT Forum membership is the only source of revenue supporting the development, distribution and maintenance of nokuBT Backup Tools. If you find nokuBT Backup Tools to be useful, please support us by joining the nokuBT Forum.

nokuBT settings are accessed in the Main Menu of nokuBT WS and nokuBT OS. The settings file includes essential documentation for all parameters and options set by the user.

nokuBT Backup Tools is a sophisticated application that streamlines the operation of your reliable backup system. It does so by providing intermediate processing and screening functions that expedite and simplify backup file transfers across chained redundant backup drives in a fast and efficient manner. This is achieved by configuring nokuBT Backup Tools with user-supplied configuration information. Once configured, nokuBT Backup Tools is quick to operate, and it provides an evironment for accelerated troubleshooting of backups issues that inevitably arise.

Though basic configuration guidance is provided in the nokuBT settings file, detailed help and essential advice are provided for subscribers on the nokuBT Forum.

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